Tuesday, June 25, 2019


I married my husband for two reasons 1) He seemed like he was going to do the income taxes and 2) He hated camping.  Well 20+ years later I don’t think he has ever done the taxes and we are the proud owners of an RV.  We got the bug while hiking at various national parks out west.  Now don’t go thinking we are outdoorsy types.  I use the word hike euphemistically – it is more like a vigorous walk.  When there is an elevation change I call it a hike.  But after sleeping in our hotel outside Zion National Park we were envious of the campers inside the park – they could wake up right here!  So now we make monthly payments on a beautiful Class B or maybe it’s a C motor home – it is the size of a full size van.  I don’t know that I recommend it, we could have committed to spending $6000-8000 a year on a vacation, but where is the adventure in that?

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