Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I don’t need Depends YET…

The most educational thing about watching television is to contemplate your demographic from the commercials you suffer.  I am forced to watch untold numbers of commercials about bladder leakage products.  Is this really my future?  If any of my current friends are using these products – I can’t tell. This seems to be a major pitch of the commercials – that the product is discrete.  Are all men my age using ED drugs?  Or like many things; is there a small portion of the population ads are directed towards and this makes most of us feel like everyone is using them?  I hope this is the truth about anti-depressants, arthritis, and hepatitis drugs. In the mean time I am adding all these maladies to the list of things I worry about and just know if I need depends, I am getting toddler pull-ups with Wonder Woman on them!

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