Thursday, September 24, 2020


 I have recently found the perfect pair of jeans.  It is a high-waist, barely boot cut.  Let me tell you why it is perfect.  Remember the post on “My body, My rectangle” (if not Read Post Here), well I could rewrite this post pandemic to read “My body, my rectangle with a bulge in place of a waist”.  So the beauty of the high-waist jeans is the bulge around my middle is hidden inside the higher waist of these jeans!  The barely boot make the leg appear longer and slimmer, especially when paired with same color shoes.  This is not my opinion, it came from the experts on TLC’s What Not To Wear, so it must be true.  Having struck gold at Talbots, the perennial older woman shop, I quickly purchased 3 pairs, black, blue and white.  Oh the JOY!  After 40 years the perfect jeans!  I know the price is a little steep but I will probably have these jeans for a decade; I calculate that's about $10 per year per pair - cheap!  Guess what? I can only find black jeans in the high-waist category on-line today!  Oh the HUMMANITY!