Saturday, September 7, 2019

Time Perception

I am sure you have noticed that as you age, your perception of time changes.  I read once that your perception of the current part of your life depends on your age.  Like the last 5 years is only about 10 % of your life; but when you were ten, five years was 1/2 your life.  Lately, I realize it is too late for some things.  My long time fantasy of going to law school seems out of reach.  However, becoming a novelist still seems possible, especially in the age of self-publishing!  Lots of research has gone into this time perception thing– interesting article here:  One finding from this article:  “Just being content or satisfied may not make time fly,” Gable said when the study was published, “but being excited or actively pursuing a desired object can.”  I like this conclusion better.  I am definitely excited about life and actively pursuing all kinds of adventures.  Apparently time does fly when you are having fun.