Monday, June 3, 2019

My Body, My Rectangle

I used to have an impossibly small waist when I was 17.  I even got my figure back after two kids. But middle age, menopause, and middle management have all conspired to turn my body into that lovable geometric shape, the rectangle.  To combat this I have watched every rerun of TLC’s What Not To Wear; where Stacy & Clinton help lots of women like me look presentable.  I have learned 3 things that I try to do 1) Cinch something to give you a waist – usually slightly below the rib cage, when I have to cinch around my neck I will break down and join a gym or hang myself.  2) V-necks elongate your figure – this one I am not too sure about but I’m trying it anyway (note: age spots rapidly appearing on my neck and chest – this may be short-lived). 3) Wear straight-leg pants, I really think this works but these are virtually impossible to find –if only these tapered, aka pegged leg, pants were available when I was in junior high and used to peg them myself! I honestly would not be seen in public in the outfit with the belt.  TLC please put Stacy and Clinton back on and PICK ME!

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