Saturday, August 29, 2020

Susceptible to Infomercials?

Does age make you susceptible to infomercials?  I have always considered myself immune, but lately…we ordered window cleaning crystals (I will let you know if they work.)  As I write the word “crystals” I already feel confident I have been HAD!  Just this morning we were oohing and aahing over Gotham Steel Pots.  I mean they can go in the dishwasher, you can use metal spatulas on them and they stack!  So the reasons I think age makes you susceptible are these: 1) The cache of name brand, expensive stuff has worn off.  For example, I am over the limitations of my Caphalon pots and pans like hand washing and the need to use plastic or wooden spatulas. 2) As discussed previously home maintenance has become painful and tedious.  Hence the window cleaning crystals, I mean they say you don’t have to remove the screens.  It will clean the screen and the window in one fell swoop.  We had to try it.  Are you considering more products “as seen on TV”?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

My Flowers are Conspiring Against Me

I am sort of a gardener.  What I mean is a lot of square footage in my yard is devoted to flowers.  In recent years I have been trying to convince my husband we should dig up some of these and either give them away or replant elsewhere and turn some of the gardens back into grass that he mows.  Maybe some of the flowers overheard this because this year they are blooming one at a time.  So what I am experiencing is a lot of green with very little color.

This gardening thing was something I was very excited about when I moved in to my first home.  In addition I loved interior design make-overs and had even pictured myself throwing dinner parties; this was basically my version of the American Dream.  It has soured.  I can count the number of dinner parties we have hosted on one hand (family holidays don’t count in this dream land), the flowers have lost their allure and per several previous posts home improvement is painful. 

My new middle aged American Dream is to move to a townhouse with a homeowners association that will mow the postage stamp of lawn out front and maybe a patio out back with one or two pots that I water full of flowers.  In this dream I am retired and spend several months a year hiking at various places around the country. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Arm Tights?!?!!!

Arm Tights? Did you know this was a thing?  I have been completely unaware!  I have noticed my formerly toned upper arms were becoming decidedly saggy.  I chalk up this pudginess, if I am honest, to my depressing weight gain.  I did try to wear spanks (OK I can’t afford spanks, but some off brand Walmart knock off) to work under a pair of slacks one day.  After my hour long commute I stumbled out of the car and into the bathroom to rip them off.  I think they bruised some internal organs!  Not sure what these arm spanks would do but NO, never doing that again.  I am dutifully wearing a cardigan over my sleeveless things and try to steer away from sleeveless altogether like a good middle aged woman!  Also, I have every intention of hitting the unused universal machine in my basement soon.