Friday, June 21, 2019

Oh My Aching….

My back is the worst, but don’t tell anyone, this just starts a competition of whose pain is worse.  My knees often ache at night.  I can’t really turn my neck that well anymore (please don’t mention this to DMV).  I am getting the 360’ rear view camera on my next car as seeing my blind spot is near to impossible.  I thought I would be 60 or 70 years old before these ailments befell me.  Am I defective?  Did I physically abuse my body with various physical pursuits in my younger years?  All I know is I can’t sneeze without first carefully bending at the waist to keep my lower spine from jostling painfully during the sneeze.  Once in a blue moon I take a Tylenol PM if my knees are really acting up – that stuff is like gold.  In the mean time I am still waiting on being able to predict the weather.

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