Friday, May 31, 2019

To # or NOT to #

As I am doing this whole blog on the premise of making money, I need to drive traffic to my blog therefore hashtagging seems appropriate.  I googled several things about hashtags, like most google searches I just read the titles of the researched topic, not the actual articles.  But I did learn I should research my hashtags and to try to "utilize trending hashtags"  - thank you #google.  I also learned that I should not put spaces between words as this will only use first word in the search.  This ruffles every fiber of my middle aged being but I digress.  Finally there is hashtag etiquette.  The rules consist of don't over hashtag and make sure your hashtag isn't heartless and unrelated to the trending hashtag.  Thank you

This really brings into focus a much wider issue of technology.  While my generation is the leading edge of the technology revolution, I find myself becoming unwilling to jump on every bandwagon. Case in point, I don't have a Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account.  I also don't listen to podcasts.  I am sure there are other things I don't do, but I don't even know about them to know I am out of the loop.  So the I don't hashtag ends now, maybe I will jump on a few podcasts in the fall.

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