Friday, May 31, 2019

Middle Aged Skin

I have always been fairly comfortable in my skin.  Until that skin started to dry out and grow age spots.  I haven't tackled the age spots yet, anything that I think will require 1) a trip to any sort of doctor or 2) some painful procedure at that doctor, I avoid.  More on this topic and my terrible back problems later.

But I did start using an amazing product Neutrogena Deep Moisture night cream.  My actual tip is to use it day and night.  They do make it in day cream with an spf, if you live somewhere sunny I recommend this, I only use it June, July and August, the rest of the year I take my chances.  It has just occurred to me that my noticeable age spots started about this time - UG - I have probably given myself skin cancer when I stopped using an spf lotion all the time.

So why is this an amazing product?  First of all it works for me.  It really keeps my face and neck plump and well moisturized throughout the day.  Also, almost as important to me, it is readily available.  Meaning I can buy it at Walmart or the grocery store which I regularly go to (remember I promised lifestyles of the middle incomed).  The last requirement for any product I recommend is that it is relatively inexpensive.  Now if only I could get my husband to start using it too.

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