Monday, November 4, 2019

Real World - GenX Edition

My plan to have a second income from my lifestyle blog/brand is fizzling.  I can only blame myself.  When crunch time at my real job hit, I did not have time to write and my creativity was zapped.  My posts have not been amusing in a while.  Case in point: I just had to use a thesaurus to come up with the word amusing.  At first I chose glib, then pithy - all wrong.  I blame it all on my real job. 

My other shortcoming is that I don’t have the enthusiasm to run a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account that this venture really needs to support it.  Another failing that has doomed this from the start is that I am not a selfie taker.  It just doesn’t occur to me.  After the fact -  I will say “Oh, I should have taken a picture.”

Finally, I just don’t care enough about how the world views me.  I left the house this morning with no lipstick.  I contemplated going back upstairs to put some on, but the thought I walking up the flight of stairs felt daunting.  This is not the voice of a spokeswoman.  I will soldier on when inspiration hits, but in the meantime I really need to keep a lipstick in my purse.

1 comment:

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