Sunday, November 24, 2019

Like you, I have alot of great ideas.  I just never capitalize on them, hence the blog about middle income.  I thought I would share with you my latest great idea.  I think Amazon should team up with brick and mortar clothing stores.  I will use Macy's as an example.  Several months ago, I needed a new suit for work.  I shopped for about 4 hours, even though I knew exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a pant suit from either Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger in blue or black or gray.  I went to 4 department stores that carry these brands, not one had my size in everything I wanted.  Why didn't I just buy it on the internet where my size would be readily available?  Two reasons: 1)With my ever changing, post menopausal body I can't depend on my size anymore. 2) Quality Control and Quality Assurance are lacking in clothing.  I can buy one size 8 pair of pants, love them order another pair and they don't fit at all.  In short I wanted to try it on, so I went shopping.  So my great idea is that Macy's stops carrying a bunch of stuff and they just have one in every size.  You try on what you want to buy and then order it, it is delivered to your door overnight.  Macy's always has the whole range of sizes to try on since no one buys and takes them, they just try them on.  Macy's can stop guessing about how many size 6 pants to order and they get more traffic because I know they will have my size.  Why do they need the likes of Amazon?  Because they have the inventory and overnight shipping thing down. I believe Jeff Bezo's obsession with customer satisfaction will find a way to solve #2 above, so when I order the size I tried on in the store the clothes that are delivered will fit the same way.  If you can figure a way to capitalize on my idea, please make sure I get a cut - I am trying to retire!

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