Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Trifocals are Trying

My husband is aging more gracefully than I.  This is hard to take on many fronts, but he also does not want to admit to some changes.  I encouraged him to get reading glasses when he called me into our kitchen to tell him what some numbers were on engineering drawings.  He claims the readers made his eyesight worse and now wears trifocals.  This is hilarious.  I have worn glasses my whole life.  For those of you that knew me in high school and are thinking, “she didn’t wear glasses”, I was just vain.  I went through most of high school in a haze.  Most of the high school haze was caused by blurred vision.  So back to the trifocals.  Apparently he needs to see distance, close up and the “in between”.   What,  is the “in between”?  Well the best example of the "in between" is the dash on the car.  He wants to read the dials.  So he spends a lot time moving his glasses, his eyeballs and his head around to focus on what he wants to see in the correct lens.  He complains about these glasses all the time.  I tell him to just get bifocals, that is what I wear and they are great.  But what about the “in between”?  This is where never having 20/20 vision in my life comes in.  Just guess about the “in between” is my advice.  OR “they have this great thing on most cars where you can get digital display of your speed and the font is very large; you could use that.” I say.  He refuses, just like he refuses to use the back-up camera – don’t get me started.


  1. Lol. This is wonderful on all fronts! Hmmmm. I thought I had 20/20 vision since I was at least 16...contact lenses paid a huge part of this. But with parenthood and exhaustion, I gave them up a long time ago. Perhaps once a year, out of vanity, I wear them to an event. In the interim I have become a regular near sighted glasses wearer, but in the last 5 years have started to rip them off more frequently or stand back to read things. Obviously I have the middle distance to come...thanks for funny story and uplifting news Erin ��

  2. Great to hear from you! I cracked up at the contacts comment. I too wore contacts until I had kids and my eyes were generally too puffy to shove them in! LOL. I still put them on occassionally, but since I then I have to put readers on to see menus and such it has lost its appeal.