Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Empty Nest

The kids are both in college.  It is awesome.  I bet you are thinking we run around the house naked and are having amazing sex on the kitchen table, right?  Sorry, this isn’t that kind of blog.  What is amazing is that we have sandwiches for dinner, often.  After 20 years of coming up with dinners that included a protein, a starch, veggies; I am relieved to have the pressure of a well-balanced meal off my plate.  I prepared for this transition by announcing to my kids several years ago that during summer I was only providing one meal a day.  They could fend for themselves for the others.  But the really hard part is getting used to just needing less food.  Our milk now expires before we have used it all and we are sick of the leftovers before they have been eaten.  The other thing I am enjoying is that my husband is the only one who needs 20 bucks on a regular basis.

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