Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Arm Tights?!?!!!

Arm Tights? Did you know this was a thing?  I have been completely unaware!  I have noticed my formerly toned upper arms were becoming decidedly saggy.  I chalk up this pudginess, if I am honest, to my depressing weight gain.  I did try to wear spanks (OK I can’t afford spanks, but some off brand Walmart knock off) to work under a pair of slacks one day.  After my hour long commute I stumbled out of the car and into the bathroom to rip them off.  I think they bruised some internal organs!  Not sure what these arm spanks would do but NO, never doing that again.  I am dutifully wearing a cardigan over my sleeveless things and try to steer away from sleeveless altogether like a good middle aged woman!  Also, I have every intention of hitting the unused universal machine in my basement soon.

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