Thursday, July 16, 2020

Bikini Lines, Face Masks and Middle Age

What could these things possibly have in common?  Well as face masks become more prevalent I have been wondering will my rapidly increasing number of chin hairs go the way of my bikini line?  So when I was a young, nubile twenty something living in California personal grooming was at the top of my list.  But as I become a mom and most of my sunbathing time was spent running around after little kids, then hauling water skis and knee boards in and out of the boat my swim suit needs changed. See No Kids versus Kids images!  As you might imagine my bikini line grooming changed with it!  So I was wondering as I wear a mask more and more, see In the Car image and In a Store image, might my chin hairs succumb to the same laziness?  Let’s hope NOT! 

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