Monday, April 13, 2020

Hurry Up and Wait

Spring, a season of renewal, is upon us.  As we struggle to shelter in place I am struck by how difficult it is to get any big project done, ever.  Our house is 20 years old this summer and trust me it needs some big projects done.  One of my priorities is to repaint all the trim in my house.  I just can't get started.  I always have an excuse, last summer it was that my daughter's cat was living with us and you can't paint with a cat around or at least that was my excuse.  Last winter I didn't want to be cooped up with the paint smell.  This spring my job is taking 2-3 hours more per day to accomplish it online so I just don't have time.  But the real reason is that I am not motivated to start projects when the completed version will be virtually the same as the current version. So how does this relate to lifestyles of the middle aged, middle income generation?  Well, if you are younger and a procrastinator I want to dispel any hope you have of these tendencies mellowing as you age.  If I wasn't middle income I could probably just hire someone to do this, go on vacation somewhere and when I got home, it would be done! 

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